SBC 3 – Short Story



Short Story

I just love surfing. In my opinion, it is more than a passion; it’s a lifestyle. That is why I traveled to Morocco not long ago. When I arrived, I did expect what was going to happen to me. As I arrived with my family, I noticed a very long beach, going on for probably 50 kilometers. The waves on that beach din not look good, plus the ocean was “messy” that day. The next day, we went to a surf school, and asked to rent a surfboard (the waves had gotten better). So, I put on my wet suit, took the board and ran to the sea. I was able to catch a few waves, but the water was extremely cold. As I got out, I noticed a photograph, standing on the dry sand was calling me. I walked to him and he told me he was the director of the “Hurley sponsoring center of Essaouira”. My face changed. He then told me he was interested to sponsor me, and if I wanted to, I should come back tomorrow. So, I said yes, walked back, and showed up the next morning. We left for another surf spot, better as he told me. When we arrived, I noticed long lines on the ocean, it was beautiful. We changed, grabbed our boards and entered in the water. It was like in a dream. The waves were abut 1.50 meters tall and would not stop coming. I start to paddle for my first wave. I feel its power behind me, … (to be continued in the comments).



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