SBC 5 – School Uniforms

Hello world !

I have been discussing lately about school uniforms with several people. My school doesn’t use them, which in my opinion is a good thing. However, this topic is debatable, so please fill out this form and honestly tell me what you think….

In my opinion, school uniforms don’t allow the students to express themselves and show their personality. The clothes we wear show people around us who we are and what we like. With uniforms, I feel like people loose this sens of originality. On the other hand, wearing uniforms could decrease bullying (people make fun of others’ clothes), because they are wearing the same thing.

I have never been in a school where uniforms are mandatory, and I am personally happy about that because I know what I would hate it.

Please give me your opinion and fill out the google form !

I will create a post for the side that wins the most vote.



2 thoughts on “SBC 5 – School Uniforms

  1. Dear Leon, I totally agree I mean, I used to go to a school where they had a school uniform and it was boring and not creative.

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