SBC 5 – School Uniforms

Hello world !

I have been discussing lately about school uniforms with several people. My school doesn’t use them, which in my opinion is a good thing. However, this topic is debatable, so please fill out this form and honestly tell me what you think….

In my opinion, school uniforms don’t allow the students to express themselves and show their personality. The clothes we wear show people around us who we are and what we like. With uniforms, I feel like people loose this sens of originality. On the other hand, wearing uniforms could decrease bullying (people make fun of others’ clothes), because they are wearing the same thing.

I have never been in a school where uniforms are mandatory, and I am personally happy about that because I know what I would hate it.

Please give me your opinion and fill out the google form !

I will create a post for the side that wins the most vote.



SBC 3 – Using Images to make a sentence



(Francois Kirie.)








Try to guess the sentence in the comments. Let’s see who finds it first!


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SBC 3 – Short Story



Short Story

I just love surfing. In my opinion, it is more than a passion; it’s a lifestyle. That is why I traveled to Morocco not long ago. When I arrived, I did expect what was going to happen to me. As I arrived with my family, I noticed a very long beach, going on for probably 50 kilometers. The waves on that beach din not look good, plus the ocean was “messy” that day. The next day, we went to a surf school, and asked to rent a surfboard (the waves had gotten better). So, I put on my wet suit, took the board and ran to the sea. I was able to catch a few waves, but the water was extremely cold. As I got out, I noticed a photograph, standing on the dry sand was calling me. I walked to him and he told me he was the director of the “Hurley sponsoring center of Essaouira”. My face changed. He then told me he was interested to sponsor me, and if I wanted to, I should come back tomorrow. So, I said yes, walked back, and showed up the next morning. We left for another surf spot, better as he told me. When we arrived, I noticed long lines on the ocean, it was beautiful. We changed, grabbed our boards and entered in the water. It was like in a dream. The waves were abut 1.50 meters tall and would not stop coming. I start to paddle for my first wave. I feel its power behind me, … (to be continued in the comments).



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SBC 2 – Visited Blogs

Hello world ! I recently visited several interesting blogs and commented on them.


One of them was Dylan’s blog. He talks about a wild range a subjects by answering comments. I read one of his post, and this is what I told him: “Dear Dylan,
I read some of your post and they are all more creative than the other ! I think that the wonder part is amazing ! I might do a similar thing with my blog….. Here is my question: Why are homework so important at school ?” I left a comment on the post “Dylan’s Wonders” because I found his idea of answering comments with posts was awesome.

Please check it out.


The second blog I visited was Fang Yu’s blog. He had  a few post talking about different topics. One of them was about the Gravity Falls show that I discovered not long ago. Here is what I told him, “Dear Fang Yu,
I have read the Gravity Falls post and found it very interesting. Your summary of the story is very precise and made me want to watch the show. Have you heard about the show called Rick and Morty? It is one of my favorite ! ” I decided to comment on that specific post to make the connection between his TV show and mine.

Please check his blog.


The third blog I visited was Jake’s blog. Most of his posts talked about him and basketball. I commented on the “My Awesome Life” post. Here is what I told him, “Dear Jake, I have read your posts and I now know a lot about basketball. This specific post can exactly connect with my own life, because I get most of what I want (physical things or mental). This post also brought up questions to me. Do you think that since we get most of what we want, we should start caring about the less lucky in terms of living conditions? ” I decided to comment on this post because while reading it, this question came up in my mind and I felt like I had to ask him what he tough about it.

Please check out his blog.


The Fourth and last blog I visited was Kaylie’s blog. She had a gallery of several tree pictures and several other posts. I commented on the gallery and this is what I told her, “Dear Kaylie,I took a closer look at the pictures you took and they all look cool. I really like the middle one on the second row because it gives the impression that the tree is extremely tall. What kind a camera are you suing to take these? Were all these pictures taken in your school campus? One advice I would give you is to keep the pictures straight. ” I decided to comment on the picture gallery because I tough the gallery idea was creative and I had not seen it yet.

Please check out her blog.


Reading blogs from people all around the blog is just amazing! We are so lucky at our age to be able to communicate with international people using advanced technology.