How to leave a comment

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Acceptable comments

  1. Compliment me
  2. Specific – don’t just write “this sounds great”, explain your opinion and give examples of what was great; what part you enjoyed.
  3. Make a connection – while writing a comment, think about a similar event, friend, place or anything that can connect with the post.
  4. Add to it – if you have more information about the topic or a different opinion, feel free to say it !
  5. Ask Questions – if after reading the post, you are still wondering about something, ask me, I will answer you !


Non acceptable comments

  1. Harassing comments
  2. Swear words
  3. Spams

Comment starters

Hey guys ! I wanted to give you some help in case your are new to blogging and commenting on other’s blog. There several ways in which you can start a comment positively. Here are some:

  • This also relates to me because…..
  • As I was reading this, I also realized….
  • I agree with you but I think you should also consider….
  • I don’t agree with you because…..
  • This post made me think about….
  • While you do bring up some interesting facts I still believe that….
  • I enjoyed your post and would like to add that….
  • While reading your post, I made the connection with one of my post, check it out…..

♣There are many others you could write, but try to stay positive as you comment ♣