SBC 6 – Summer Memories

Photo taken by my dad (all rights reserved.)


This summer, we went to a ski station called “Les Deux Alpes” in France. Their skiing tracks turned into biking tracks. Me and my dad decided to rent two bikes and protections to bike for one entire day. We woke up at 6, barely ate and jumped in the car. That day was unfortunately very foggy. We were the first ones to take the chair lift.

The day went by really quickly. I was able to do a couple jumps, but I also fell quite badly.




3 thoughts on “SBC 6 – Summer Memories

  1. G’day Leon,
    What a great holiday activity! I hope you didn’t injure yourself badly. Remember when you use an image (even your own) you need to give the attribution somewhere on your post. So maybe at the bottom you could write
    Source image: Taken by my father and is copyright (no-one can use) or creative commons (anyone can use) whichever is correct

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